Thursday, 3 November 2011

Just Desserts

A box of La Maison Patisserie Macarons. Salted caramel tastes like heaven. Green tea too. Strawberry and pistachio too. Nutella too.

Nothing to type. Need some sleep. Can't sleep last night due to Business. Learned like crazy, woke up at 5, studied, memorized, but what? 5 easy questions came-out in the questions sheet. And guess what? An opportunity for cheating in sight,that means they who didn't study could do the test well too, and it means they could get perfect score too without any effort. Just hope i can get a perfect score.

Okay,don't know what to say anymore. bye.


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trick or Treat

So..... this is it. Everybody in this city is celebrating Halloween tonight. Actually, we celebrate Halloween on 31 October, no idea why they celebrate it tonight. Maybe due to today is Saturday's night. What did i do? Nothing. You know Halloween is so-not-my-thing. Better spend my night at home than at ghost house. Freakin' me out, make me can't sleep well. hiiiiiiiii Detest ghost. From the bottom of my heart, i would-never-ever be in love with "horror" thingy. Just don't get it, why people are so excited about Halloween, about ghost, ect.

But, Happy earlier Halloween! Enjoy your night people. Trick or treat.


Friday, 28 October 2011

P for Paris

I really extremely want craving for Paris. Please please someone take me thereeeee


Thursday, 27 October 2011


Josse is back for one week. Went to Dome yesterday. After we had lunch, we went to amazon. guess for what? photobox. Three times. Then we're heading to HoME family karaoke for 1 hour. Quite a fun day hehehe


Sunday, 23 October 2011


28 months.

Had our lunch at Mr. Pancake. 4 plates of food for 2 people, so scary of us, yeah, we're so good at eating. Fried rice, chicken steak, waffle, pancake, ice lemon-tea, mango juice. And now i'm extremely full and sleepy. Thanks for today, thanks for everything

Today's outfit.

Gotta do my English hw. Ciao!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Not Like The Movie

Went to Cup&Cino at Cambridge with the girls today, then Sun. Celebrated Nissa's earlier birthday due to next week Angela will go to Singapore. Had fun, as always.

new iphone case ;)

Tomorrow is 23rd October already, another months-versary. Time flies so fast.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Nine - Teen

I'm officially 19 today!
Happy, of course. Me, Nissa, Melisa went to Warung Tekko for lunch, then after eating, they gave me quiz, asked me to guess sth, they gave 7 things and two of them is my birthday presents, and if i choose the wrong one, i will get a punishment such us tattoo in my whole hand. Yah, i thought there will be no more games after that, but............ They were good in acting. Melisa pretended as if she wanted to poop, So after we karaoke at Home, we sent Melisa home first, kinda weird, because usually i'm the first one whom sent home. Angela pretended as if she wanted to pee, so she got into M's house, they prepared everything. Nissa pretended as if she wanted to take something from M, so she asked me to accompany her, and when i came into M's house......... byur byur, everything happened. Water, Coke, Soy Sauce, Flour, etc. I'm smelly.

At night, me and him went to Dome. Had our dinner together. Got something from him ;;) Not gonna tell you.

PS: My BB is sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need new bb.